Ting Kau Bridge, Hong Kong

CLIENT :     Highways Department, Hong Kong

Tender review and assessment. Detailed Design review and check. Supervision of geotechnical elements of construction including heavily loaded foundations on rock, Reclamation and seawall construction.

Geo-Design were responsible for geotechnical aspects of the construction of the Ting Kau Bridge, a HK$1.73 billion, 1.1km long cable stayed structure, and the associated approach viaducts and substantial earthworks.

The geotechnical works included excavation of over 2km of 50m high slopes adjacent to a live highway a specialised rockfall protection system was designed for the project.   The approach structures were founded on over 100 hand dug caissons with upto 5m rock sockets some situated in 45 degree slopes, requiring detailed mapping.  The three towers of the main bridge were founded on two pad footings (4000m3 each) and a piled raft on 52 bored cast in situ 2.3m diameter piles.  Ship protection structures were constructed around each of the towers, requiring underwater blasting dredging, reclamation (including wick drains, vibro compaction ,CPTs and geotechnical monitoring), seawall and pre-cast cofferdam construction.

Heavily Loaded Rock Foundations - Ting Kau Bridge, Hong Kong

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