Consultants in Rock & Tunnel Engineering

Geo-Design's experience is centred on major rock engineering schemes in particular large span caverns, high rock slopes, long tunnel alignments in complex environments and heavily loaded foundations.

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The practice has provided specialist design services on a large number of challenging cavern projects. The experience with large span openings in urban settings is significant and has established the feasibility of schemes beyond prior precedent practice.

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The practice has a specific track record in alignment assessments of geological and stability conditions. This includes very high cover alignments in weak rocks and high in situ stress conditions.

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The evaluation and design of high rock slopes, particularly in the fields of mining and transportation is a central area of expertise of the Group.

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Geo-Design have undertaken, checked and reviewed the design of heavily loaded foundations, often in complex settings in relation to the geology and geomorphology.

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Tel: +44 (0) 1425 473 005

About Geo-Design

Geo-Design has a substantial project portfolio which includes investigations, assessments, analytical and design studies, as well as high level reviews and expert opinion covering a wide range of geological environments and for a variety of civil engineering and mining applications. Over 100 projects in more than 20 countries have been successfully completed.

We have provided specialist engineering advice and a full range of design related services to major design consultants, contractors, government authorities and private clients.

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