St Helier Flood Relief Scheme – Fort Regent Cavern (Jersey)

St Helier, Jersey, is susceptible to flooding during high rainfall events, so a scheme was proposed for a large underground storage chamber beneath Fort Regent to hold contaminated flood water and associated methane gas which could then be pumped out over several days to the sewage treatment plant.

Geo-Design was involved in this project in the pre-construction stages of the project, undertaking:

  • Geological mapping and model development using outcrop and long inclined boreholes.
  • Re-inspection and logging of cores.
  • Preparation of large-scale rock mass models interpreted from all available data including correlation between boreholes and surface data, of major geological structure.

Geo-Design were also later involved post-construction, providing expert and advisory services.

This project was posted in Caverns and Underground Mines, Storage.

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