Loch Treig (Scotland)

Following a landslide originating above the West Highland (railway) Line at Loch Treig, a locomotive struck debris which had fallen on to the line, causing partial derailment of the train.

Image of the landslide and derailed train (BGS report)

Geo-Design were appointed as an Independent Expert to consider and advise upon the geotechnical background and particularly advise on issues related to the arising claim – in particular as a geomorphological study of the natural terrain in vicinity of the affected area to assess hazard potential.

This role involved an initial desk-based study of available information, followed by a site visit to make further observations which could inform a geotechnical assessment of the engineered and adjacent slopes. The position of Independent Expert also required collaboration and discussion with other experts, Expert Reports presenting the findings of the slope evaluation, and consultation at arbitration stage.

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