The practice has undertaken specialist studies on a large number of challenging tunnel projects in difficult or complex geological and hydrogeological regimes both in urban as well as remote settings under high cover.

Express Rail Link, Hong Kong - Geological Alignment Model

Express Rail Link, Hong Kong - Geological Alignment Model

These studies have addressed issues that have included complex geology, sensitive rock types, short and long term instability problems and have derived solutions for both drill and blast and Tunnel Boring Machine excavation.

The experience with large span openings in weak rocks is significant and has established the feasibility of schemes beyond prior precedent practice.

The practice has a specific track record in alignment assessments of geological and stability conditions and has developed significant capability in the evaluation and assessment of in situ stress fields. This includes high in situ stress conditions related to geological setting, weak rock mass conditions and very high cover alignments.

The practice has the capability to assess critical interfaces using a variety of state of the art modelling techniques to evaluate ground deformation and structure interactions.

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Alignment Evaluation

  • Desk Study of Alignment Geology and Hydrogeology - Route Selection
  • Predictive Models of Expected Tunnelling Conditions
  • Hydrogeological Impact Assessments
  • Evaluation of Key Project Constraints
  • Geotechnical Baseline Reports
  • Review Methods of Excavation
  • Specialist Assessment of Abrasivity and Cuttability for Mechanised Excavation

Design and Review

  • Stability Assessments
  • Excavation Optimisation
  • TBM - Concurrent Lining Systems Involving Rock Reinforcement, Sprayed Concrete or Segmental Lining Elements
  • Detailed Design of Temporary and Permanent Support Options
  • Detailed Design of Larger Span Bifurcations and Crossovers
  • Final Lining Design with Representative, Modelled Rock Mass Loadings
  • Design of Portal Slopes and Approach Cuts


  • Design Implementation Management
  • Advice During Constructionand Review of Geological Stability Conditions
  • Expert Assessment of Geological, Excavation and Stability Conditions Encountered
  • Design of Monitoring Programmes and Evaluation of Stability State