Specialist Reviews

Geo-Design are regularly called upon to provide specialist independent review services on major projects in relation to their full range of technical capabilities.

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Such services are typically required by Client Bodies concerned with feasibility as well as construction performance, Design Consultants electing to have a second opinion on projects without precedent or predicted marginal stability, and Contractors seeking innovative alternative designs.

Geo-Design regularly participate in Value Engineering Workshops, some of which have resulted in radical cost saving modifications to design and construction concepts.

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Review Services

  • Peer Reviews
  • Value Engineering
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Technical Risk Analysis
  • Feasibility Evaluation
  • Project Technical Auditing

Typical Schemes

  • Complex Rock Engineering Schemes
  • Schemes Without Precedent
  • Large Openings in Urban and High Risk Geological Environments
  • Schemes in Adverse or Sensitive Hydrogeological Settings
  • Concerns over Mechanised Excavation Performance