The evaluation and design of high rock slopes, particularly in the fields of mining and transportation is a central area of expertise of the Group.

Ting Kau Bridge Approach Road Rock Slopes - Hong Kong

This involves comprehensive understanding of intrinsic stability to ensure realistic and reliable design of stabilisation systems comprising reinforcement and drainage.

The practice has undertaken a number of specialist assessment and design assignments of rock slopes in difficult or complex geological settings.  Examples include widening of high rock slopes adjacent to live highways in Hong Kong and Greece. Geo-Design have undertaken long term reviews of major slope developments for the mining and construction industries, the largest of these involved a 23 year engagement for a major mine, and the design of the world’s highest anchored slope.

Geo-Design have assisted government departments with the development of guidelines for the design of rock slopes.  These have included procedures for the overall approach required to carry a design through from inspection, data gathering, appropriate analysis and remedial solution design to an acceptable level of risk mitigation.

Members of the practice regularly act as senior advisors to contractors, consultants and client bodies on major civil schemes which often that have little precedent or have particular technical challenges

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Planning and Design of New Slopes

  • Concept Studies including Precedent Practice
  • Design of Slope Investigation, Specification and Supervision
  • Detailed Design, Specification and Supervision of Newly Formed Slopes
  • Impact Assessment of Effects of Excavation on Adjacent and Existing Structures
  • Engineering Design Analysis
  • Drainage and Pressure Relief Solutions
  • Slope-Tunnel Interactions
  • Rock Fall Hazard Assessment and Protection
  • Soil Slope Nailing
  • Reinforced Earth and Retaining Structures

Evaluation of Instability

  • Assessment and Design of Remedial Measures for Failed or Failing Slopes
  • Assessment and Evaluation of Complex Failure Mechanisms
  • Landslide Stabilisation
  • Slope Stabilisation in Seismic Areas


  • Design of Slope Instrumentation Monitoring Programmes
  • Independent Check of Major Schemes
  • Inspection of Encountered Stability and Geological Conditions
  • Long Term Periodic Inspection, Investigation and Monitoring of High Slopes