Geo-Design have undertaken, checked and reviewed the design of heavily loaded foundations, often in complex settings in relation to the geology and geomorphology.

Ting Kau Bridge, Hong Kong - Heavily Loaded Foundations on Rock

Examples include the Ting Kau Bridge and Approach Viaducts, Tsing Ma Anchorages, stability and foundation enhancement for the Castle of Mytilini in Greece and Viaduct structures for the Egnatia project.

In terms of major marine structures, Geo-Design were responsible for supervision of all geotechnical aspects of construction of the Ting Kau Bridge and for undertaking a design check for all the geotechnical works.

Geo-Design also have a long track record in the assessment of a variety of foundation concepts for Dams.

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Planning and Investigation

  • Desk Study Review of Geological and Hydrogeological Conditions
  • Site Investigation Planning, Specification and Supervision
  • Geotechnical Interpretive Reports
  • Review of Appropriate Methods of Excavation and Foundation Concept


  • Complete Detailed Design and Specification
  • Interaction Assessments with Existing Structures including Tunnels and Mines
  • Stability Assessments in Relation to Foundations in Slopes
  • Pile Foundations of High Bridges
  • Dam Foundation Treatment
  • Anchored Foundations


  • Advice during Construction and Review of Geological Conditions
  • Expert Assessment of Engineering Geological Conditions Encountered
  • Design of Monitoring Programmes and Evaluation of Stability State