The practice has undertaken specialist studies on a large number of challenging cavern projects in difficult or complex geological and hydrogeological regimes and this forms a major part of the group’s activities.  The experience with large span openings in weak rocks is significant and has established the feasibility of schemes beyond prior precedent practice.

VCP 3 Southbound Waterproofing - Dublin Port Tunnel

Solutions have been innovative, practical and technically straightforward through careful, staged sequencing of excavation and support / lining stages.

Geo-Design has carried out assignments that vary from specialist review to full detailed design and supervision of construction. The large portfolio of projects demonstrates world class capability in this field.

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Underground Mines

Geo-Design have been involved in a variety of underground mine stabilisation schemes, including limestone and salt mine workings. Geo-Design have formed close ongoing relationships with Councils responsible for mine stability and related public safety issues.

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Containment Caverns

Geo-Design has experience in the design of caverns for storage, for storage of nuclear waste, household waste, oil and gas. These studies have include siting studies for deep storage of high pressure gas.

Evaluation and Concepts

  • Specialist Engineering Geological Review
  • Geotechnical Risk Assessments
  • Cavern Engineering Concept Designs
  • Excavation Geometry
  • Methods and Sequence of Excavation
  • Project Feasibility Reviews
  • Engineering Risk Assessments

Design and Review

  • Complete Independent Project Review
  • Detailed Design of Complete Schemes
  • Assessment of Critical Interfaces
  • Temporary Support Design
  • Permanent Rock Reinforcement Design
  • Integrated Lining Solutions
  • Rock Mass Loading for Optimum Final Lining Design


  • Design Implementation Management
  • Expert Assessment of Geological, Excavation and Stability Conditions Encountered
  • Design of Monitoring Programmes and Evaluation of Stability State

Mine Stability Assessment

  • Assessment of Failures
  • Mine Stability Assessment