Triangeln Station Cavern, Malmo (Sweden)


The Citytunneln Project comprises the 11km rail link running between Malmö Central Station and the Øresund Bridge. The line includes two underground stations (Malmö Central and Triangeln Stations) and 6km of tunnelled track under the city centre.

Triangeln Station Cavern – Malmo, Sweden

Geo-Design was involved in the early stages of the Triangeln Station Cavern development, undertaking a review of feasibility, assessment of construction options and preparation of Indicative Design for the large span (28m) station cavern. Geological and locational challenges which had to be considered were the weak bedded rock with shallow cover, located in a busy urban area with a school and church situated above.

Geo-Design undertook comprehensive engineering geological characterisation and geotechnical evaluation of weak bedded biohermal limestone.  This work included:

  • Detailed inspection of cores and outcrops.
  • Established correlation between project boreholes, largely using downhole geophysical data.
  • Subsequent analysis by Geo-Design (Thessaloniki) of stability conditions and temporary excavation staging and support design.


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