The group was originally founded in Jersey (UK) in 1980 as GEO-ENGINEERING and expanded to include specialist centres in Torino, Italy in 1986 and Thessaloniki, Greece in 1990.  An office was established in the UK in 1999.

Geo-Design is now an established group of practices and practitioners who collaborate to combine the skills required for specific projects.

The group aims to provide high level, innovative approaches to the solution of complex and challenging problems.  The basic approach involves a fundamental appreciation of the geological and groundwater conditions and subsequent evaluation of the governing rock mass characteristics to provide meaningful physical inputs to analytical and design processes.  The resulting designs comprise carefully engineered and practical solutions complete with construction detailing.  The particular focus on schemes in relatively weak rock has often involved major challenges and developments because of the limited precedent in such conditions.

To achieve a comprehensive capability on all levels of rock engineering including applied construction techniques, the practice involves a range of specialists that cover the fields of engineering geology, hydrogeology, investigation, testing and in situ measurements, rock mass property evaluation, deformation and stability analyses and the design of engineering measures to enhance the predicted natural state.  Performance assessment of the design in practice through carefully focused monitoring is commonly adopted.

These specialist areas are brought together to form a comprehensive consulting service in rock engineering and a broader range of geotechnical services.  In order to maintain a high degree of innovative technology, the practice has strong links with specialist universities in Europe involved in applied Rock Engineering Research as well as maintaining links with established technical experts in related fields.

The practice has taken responsibility for projects that range from small scale geotechnical assessments to the design and construction evaluation of large scale schemes involving underground structures (commonly major caverns), large complex slope excavations, including extensive stabilisation schemes and major foundations and anchorage elements for bridges and buildings.