Lesotho Highlands Water Project, Southern Africa

Clients     HDTC – LHC – GIBB  (Southern Africa)

Comprehensive assessment of tunnelling conditions for the 27km (5.4m dia) Delivery Tunnel North section in weak sedimentary strata (claystones – siltstones – sandstones).  Evaluation of excavation – support options.  Specialist advice during construction including performance evaluation and analysis of potential rock mass behaviour for TBM – segmental tunnel lining system.

Specialist review and tunnel lining assessment during construction for the 48km longTransfer Tunnel section.  Evaluation of overstressing and basalt deterioration in relation to final lining requirements.  Identification of methodology for final lining selection and justification for unlined sections.  Investigation planning and evaluation of in situ stress measurement programme for pressure containment criteria and lining design of outlet section.

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