La Cotte de St Brelade (Jersey)

Geo-Design’s engineering geologists were asked to undertake a rock fall risk assessment and design rock fall mitigation measures for the coastal slopes of La Cotte de St Brelade, Jersey.

La Cotte de St Brelade is an archaeological site of global importance as its geology preserves  one of the best records of Neanderthal behaviour in Europe.  The site has been accessed by archaeologists for more than 100 years, but in recent times concerns were raised regarding the risk of rock fall at the site.

The Geo-Design team used 3D photogrammetric models and rope access geological mapping to undertake a rock fall risk assessment.  The site was zoned and rock fall mitigation measures designed to meet the requirements of the Client.  Due to the remote and difficult to access location of the site, Geo-Design worked closely with the Contractor to assess construction risk and design works that could be installed safely.

Rope access inspection and geological mapping carried out by Geo-Design

3D point cloud model of La Cotte site, viewed from above


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