Highway Tunnels (Middle East)

UDEC Simulation of tunnel excavation and support

Geo-Design’s team of geologists and engineers have provided the reference design for four highway tunnels in the Middle East that have a combined running length of 3.5km.   The upper tunnels are at a very shallow depth in places in an urban environment with sensitive structures above. The tunnels are expected to encounter variable ground conditions including zones of deep fill and karstic cavities in the bedrock.

Computer model for design of final lining of Vehicular Cross Passage and Layby

The team used site investigation data provided by the Client and their own geological mapping to produce an alignment geological model to identify geological hazards and reduce project risk. The models provided the basis for tunnel support design and risk mitigation strategy.  Verification of the support design was performed using state-of-the-art computer modelling and assessment.

The tunnels are currently under construction and we are pleased to continue our involvement assisting the Client with this challenging project.


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