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Approach to Contaminated Land Services

Geo-Design’s technical reports are straightforward and impartial, using language that the regulatory authorities appreciate and clients understand. The services extend beyond report writing. Geo-Design will provide as much guidance as is necessary to ensure that a development complies with professional standards, best practice and legal requirements and complements this with a balanced and pragmatic approach to the design of remediation strategies, whilst keeping the authorities informed and involved at all stages of the process.

Geo-Design have the range in skills to ensure that an integrated approach to the development of potentially contaminated sites is undertaken, ensuring that both environmental and ground engineering considerations are addressed when necessary. This reduces duplication and cost to the client.

A staged approach has become established for the environmental assessment of sites.  Four principal stages can be identified, however the process can conclude at any stage depending on the outcome.

The First Stage involves the gathering of background data through a desk study and walk over survey to develop a preliminary conceptual model of the site based on source-pathway-receptor linkages. Potential hazards to human health and controlled waters are identified and a risk assessment undertaken. If high potential risks are identified, an appropriate intrusive investigation is specified.

The Second Stage, which may involve a number of phases of intrusive investigation, is used to test and refine the conceptual model and risk assessment developed by the desk study. For confidence in the borehole, test and monitoring data, a high standard of quality control is required by Geo-Design, through a select list of specialist contractors and test houses with third party accreditation.

The requirement for a Third Stage will depend on the outcome of the intrusive investigations, and comprises design and implementation of a remedial strategy. The cost of remediation has to be proportional to the reduction in pollution risk achieved and Geo-Design is experienced in liaising with authorities and other parties to establish an agreement in principle.

The Fourth Stage is preparation of a Remediation Validation Report to record details and evidence of the remediation undertaken and to ensure a final approval from the authorities.

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