Slopes and Open Cast Mines

Highways Planning Guideline Document for HK Government, Hong Kong

Client : GEO Special Projects Guideline Document for HK Government. Improved Methodology for Geotechnical Assessment for the Planning of Major Highways ‘Assessment of Cutting Options vs. Tunnelling or Other Options’.

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Quarry, St Helier, Jersey

CLIENT :     Parish of St Helier Investigation of deep seated failure in rock slope in old quarry in the centre of St Helier. Initiation of monitoring system and surface investigation to establish cause. Review of stabilisation options.

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Aznalcollar, Seville, Spain

Evaluation of major slope failure in slate.  Prediction of ongoing stability conditions.  Long term monitoring controls.  Design of new cut slopes.

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Los Frailes, Seville, Spain

Design and evaluation of major footwall slopes in slate including failures during early development stages.  Evaluation of major ramp stabilisation system using rock reinforcement – anchorage system.

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Mount Athos – Monastery Complex, Greece

Extensive  Rock Slope and Foundation Improvement Works.  Inspection of existing foundations, design of comprehensive underpinning solutions together with large scale slope retention structures.

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