Slopes and Open Cast Mines

Extraction of Ancient Mine Workings, Romania

Assessment of the stability state of ancient mine workings and development of methods for extracting and preserving part of the 2000 year old workings from planned open cast mining.

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A5 – Glyn Bends, Wales

CLIENT : Morgan Est – Wragge and Co Technical evaluation of major failure of permanent rock anchors in a highway cutting (2005).  Assessment of corrosion effects, protection methodology and observed overload effects.

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Athens to Thessaloniki Highway

Geo-Design were appointed as technical advisor to the Public Prosecutor to review and Investigate the causes of a major rock fall incident (December 2009) within the Tempi Gorge section of the Thessaloniki Highway. The investigation included review of the engineering … Continue reading

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Clifton Suspension Bridge, UK

CLIENT :  Clifton Suspension Bridge Trust Specialist advisor to the Bridge Trust to assess the existing stability state of the slopes which support the bridge abutments. Initial stability assessment, with subsequent detailed mapping of slopes to assess maintenance requirements and … Continue reading

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Housing Development, Jersey

Investigative assessment of rock slope failure adjacent to a high rise residential development.  Design and construction feasibility of remedial measures. Long term monitoring.

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