Research & Development

In order to achieve a high level of innovative technology and state-of-the-art appreciation, Geo-Design maintains strong links with specialist Universities in Europe involved in applied Rock Engineering Research.  This includes areas such as software development, testing, materials and analytical methods.

Nirex Precedent Study, Worldwide - Cavern Depth vs. Span vs. Rock Quality

Geo-Design is regularly involved with research based commissions. They have undertaken precedent studies of both wide span caverns and high rock slopes in terms of their geological environment, stability state and geometry.

The successful outcome of Geo-Design’s major assignments often rely on their ability to incorporate research and development within project delivery timescales.

Software development has become an essential supporting role to the Numerical Analysis team in relation to pre and post processing of data and development of tailored constitutive models

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Applied Research and Development

  • Precedent Studies
  • Specialist Geological Studies
  • Petrography and Stratigraphic Correlation Studies
  • Specialist Laboratory Testing
  • Materials Characterisation
  • Software Development