Rock Engineering and Stabilisation Design

The practice’s experience and expertise is centred on major rock engineering schemes, in particular high rock slopes, long tunnel alignments in complex environments, heavily loaded foundations and large span underground openings.

Dublin Port Tunnel, Ireland - 3D View of Tunnel Support

Geo-Design have world class capability and experience in a number of rock engineering fields and those with an extensive track record include the following :

Key Experience

Cavern Engineering

  • Extensive experience in assessment of large span caverns under limited cover and in weak rock masses
  • Design and Assessment of Caverns in sensitive urban environments, both in terms of ground movements and groundwater impacts

Tunnel Engineering

  • Alignment assessments of geological and stability conditions, design of excavation support
  • Evaluation and assessment of in situ stress fields and in particular high in situ stress related to geological setting, weak rock mass conditions and very high cover alignments

Slope Engineering

  • Planning and design of high rock slopes including widening schemes in urban environments
  • Assessment of failed slopes and required remediation
  • Long term reviews of major slopes for the mining industry

Foundation Engineering

  • Heavily loaded foundations on rock
  • Foundations on rock in challenging geomorphological settings


Investigation and Assessment

  • Fundamental assessment capability in geology and hydrogeology
  • Extensive experience in a wide variety of geological environments
  • Rock Mass Characterisation
  • Significant capability in the evaluation and assessment of in-situ stress fields


  • Extensive capability in numerical modelling
  • Comprehensive engineering design expertise
  • Interpretation of analytical findings for complex schemes
  • Stability reserve assessments


  • Design implementaton management
  • Advice during construction and review of geological and stability conditions
  • Design of monitoring programmes and evaluation of stability state

Post Construction

  • Expert assessment
  • Specialist assessment of failures
  • Remedial design

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