Geology & Engineering Geology

In assessing large scale surface and underground construction projects, emphasis and reliance is placed on establishing a comprehensive geological & hydrogeological model of the rock mass conditions.  The design, planning, specification and interpretation of site investigations is central to the engineering geological and hydrogeological expertise within the group.  The group has extensive experience of developing investigation strategies for major infrastructure and mining projects

Reliable geological models are essential as a basis for design and for the subsequent implementation of designs during construction.  Invariably the geological model will form the central role to the technical issues.

For tunnelling alignment assessments, experience is used to derive interpretations developed from limited borehole data and outcrop where available.  Alignment models form the overall project framework for design, planning and risk management in relation to the occurrence of poor ground conditions, adverse stress, groundwater pressures, water inflows and rock abrasivity.

Dublin Port Tunnel, Ireland - Cross Sectional Model

For cavern projects, Geo-Design have developed methodologies for the production of deterministic cross sectional models that provide direct inputs and a reliable basis for numerical simulation. Project specific classification systems are frequently developed to ensure that key features are properly represented.