Advanced Numerical Analysis

Geo-Design is at the forefront of the application of Advanced Numerical Analysis to complex engineering problems. They have a large range of state of the art analysis software suitable for 2D and 3D applications for soil, weak, bedded rock and fully discontinuous rock masses.  They have in particular developed techniques for analysing interactive effects (ground – structure interaction) and the explicit effects of reinforcement / anchoring systems.

The translation of comprehensive geological data into realistic rock mass behavioural models using the discrete element approach has been the key feature of developments by Geo-Design.  The application of these methods provides a key basis for  understanding potential failure mechanisms and hence the basis for engineering design of stabilisation systems for both surface and underground structures.

Lai King Hill Station, Hong Kong - UDEC 2D Analysis



  • 2D and 3D Numerical Geotechnical and Structural Engineering Analyses
  • Non-linear Modeliing of Soils, Rock Materials and Discontinuities
  • Discontinuum Modelling of Jointed Rock Masses
  • Geotechnical Modelling of Soils
  • Soil-Structure Interaction Analyses
  • Non-linear Modelling of Concrete and Structural Elements
  • Dynamic Analyses (Earthquake and Blast Loadings)
  • Software Development